by Robert T. Sears, S.J. This is the official site of ACTheals (Association of Christian Therapists, ACT), whose aim is to bring the healing ministry of Jesus into the health care professions. This is the site of Ed Smith and theophostic (God-light) ministries. This approach to healing prayer, begun a decade ago, has gained world-wide prominence. This site of the psychiatrist Dr. Karl Lehman and his wife Charlotte gives many insightful articles and resources for healing, related to but not identical with the theophostic perspective. and These sites of Care Inc. offer many books and resources from Jim Wilder and others, which further deepen the approach of theophostic and add a relational and developmental dimension for seriously abused and ritually abused people, and for the healing ministry of the church. This site from Francis and Judith MacNutt is very helpful for various aspects of healing. Claretian Teaching Ministry. This site of Fr. John Hampsch, CMF offers many healing resources including intergenerational healing. The Fellowship of Christian Counselors is an association in Northeast Indiana (Fort Wayne). This site presents events and resources for those seeking Christian counseling. This is the site of Fr. Al Fritsch, SJ, founder of Appalachia: Science in the Public Interest (ASPI) and Earth Healing. He offers fine considerations on care for and healing the environment. The Center for Self Leadership was founded in 2000 by Richard Schwartz, the developer of internal family systems therapy. His approach, which focuses on empowering one’s spiritual center, supports the importance of individuating faith for healing families. Eugene B. Shea has developed an approach to human valuing and brain development that highlights our grounding in God. A Christian organization dedicated to family consecration and growth. Life Model Works. This website of James Wilder, co-author of Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You, gives articles, events and other resources about his "life model" for healing which integrates brain development.