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by Robert T. Sears, S.J.

Helpful Books
I select here a few books I have found insightful and useful for healing the different stages of spiritual growth. For some I have written short reviews to present the content and clarify their application.

Retreat Audio Tapes: 1993-Present
Full listing of available tapes. 

Faith Development Dynamics and Characteristics
This two page chart and outline of characteristics summarizes my five stage model of faith development and gives pertinent scripture texts. 2 pp., 750 KB

Outline for Healing of Family Systems
This is a one page outline for a family healing workshop, listing 9 steps of healing and giving notes for healing ancestors. 1 p. 16.9 KB

Genogram Format
This page presents the most commonly used method for diagramming one’s family tree adapted from McGoldrick and Gerson’s Genograms in Family Assessment. 1 p. 41.5 KB

Introductory Workshop on Healing in Family Systems
Expansion of the one page Outline for Family Healing, as it might be given. 12 pp., 59.3 KB

Healing as Restoration of God's Original Intent
A case study by Robert Sears using the above method. Chapter 17 of A Primer for Christian Healthcare Practice (McLean, VA: Degnon Associates, 2001). 15 pp., 9.02 MB

Praying for Departed Loved Ones: A Critique by Clint Connor M.A., A.C.S.W. with Responses by Dr. Douglas Schoeninger and Robert T. Sears, S.J. This series of essays discusses reasons for and against praying for ancestors. 8 pp., 120 KB.

Explanation and Prayer for Post-Abortion Wounds
A presentation of the reasons concerning this important prayer together with a prayer format. 4 pp., 37 KB

Prayer for Choosing Our Parents
Presents a prayer that is very important as the basis for any relational choice we make. 1 p. 14 KB.